Announcing our Publication Intensive, June 3–14, 2019

What:A two-week program in the history and contemporary practice of publication.

Where:The program will take place at Triple Canopy’s venue in Manhattan, and will include visits to studios of artists and designers, publishers, archives, and cultural institutions.

Who:We invite applications from recent college graduates, graduate students, and those with comparable experience; we discourage applications from those with much more experience. Prospective participants might have backgrounds in areas such as writing, art, literature, art history, technology, and design.

Cost:Tuition is free, though participants must arrange and pay for their travel and accommodation. All reading and viewing materials will be provided free of cost.

Apply:Online through 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

During the Publication Intensive, Triple Canopy editors and invited artists, writers, scholars, designers, publishers, and technologists will lead discussions and workshops. Participants will research, analyze, and enact an approach to publication that hinges on today’s networked forms of production and circulation but also mines the history of print culture and artistic practice.

The Publication Intensive addresses such questions as: How have artists, writers, and designers used the pages of magazines and books as sites of and material for experimentation? How have new-media publications challenged conventions of authorship and reception, only to have those very challenges soon become the foundation of the new economy? How have artists, writers, designers, and technologists responded to ensuing changes in the media landscape? How have responses differed in areas with disparate resources and relationships to technology? What might historical relationships between publishing, technology, and the public sphere teach us about these contemporary dynamics? How do issues of access and identity condition our interactions with online forums and digital media?

Past support for the Publication Intensive has been generously provided by the Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston, Alexander Keith, and 2x4.

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