Announcing Triple Canopy’s 2017 call for proposals

Apply via the online form by October 18, 2017, at 11:59 EDT. Commission recipients will be announced in early December.

The magazine invites proposals for new work to be developed by artists and writers in collaboration with Triple Canopy’s editors for inclusion in an upcoming issue devoted to resentment, which will launch in spring 2018 and continue publication for a year.

Resentment is one of the predominant affects of our time. Much has been made of the expression and experience of resentment on the internet; more still of its fundamental role in the surge in right-wing populism—often construed as a creature of the digital realms—in the US and Europe, especially in terms of the role of class, media, race, and geography. But might this account be simplistic and partial, inasmuch as it casts resentment as the sole province of straight, white, and typically American men—as well as inherently excessive, selfish, and irresponsible as a feeling to possess and express? While not calling for a total recuperation of resentment, Triple Canopy is interested in exploring what resentment might unexpectedly engender and disclose.

The issue is animated by a number of questions, including: Who has a right to be resentful? What are the possibilities and limitations of resentment as a basis for describing a community, cultivating a public? How does resentment shape our speech and channel our attention? How is resentment stoked and policed, and how does it circulate among intimates and on larger scales? Can—or should—resentment be useful? How can the resentment that proliferates both online and offline be harnessed rather than suppressed in favor of more palatable emotions, especially by those marginalized peoples whose communities are under siege? What might an aesthetics of resentment reveal about the formal possibilities of the affect?

To apply:

Triple Canopy is looking for artists and writers with coherent proposals for projects that can be realized in one year or less. We are, as ever, in search of work that makes innovative, persuasive use of its own form and medium. While past publication or experience is not a prerequisite, successful applicants will demonstrate fluency in the field in which they wish to publish. We appreciate work that takes into account current discussions and debates but is not bound by them, work that is carefully crafted but not fixated on form. We invite artists and writers to submit proposals for projects that may or may not find their primary realization on the web; the following list, by no means exhaustive, enumerates some of the forms such projects might take:

  • Print broadsheet, poster, or pamphlet
  • Book or ebook
  • Digital project
  • Software deployed outside of Triple Canopy’s website
  • Public lecture or seminar
  • Performance
  • Exhibition or installation

Commission recipients receive:

  • Eight to twelve months of artistic, editorial, and technical support
  • $2,000 honorarium
  • The opportunity to use Triple Canopy’s venue at 264 Canal Street for a performance or public event
  • Coordination and production of any print publication or event
  • Archiving of materials and long-term maintenance of any online version of the project by Triple Canopy in partnership with New York University’s Fales Library and Special Collections