Announcing Triple Canopy’s 2018 call for proposals

Apply for free via the online form by October 26, 2018, at 11:59 EDT.

The magazine invites proposals for new work to be developed by artists and writers in collaboration with Triple Canopy’s editors for inclusion in an upcoming issue devoted to the role of emerging technologies in fostering, reconfiguring, and eroding associations between people, which will launch in early 2019. For this year’s call for proposals, we’re only seeking works of fiction and poetry to be published online; that said, we’re open to hybrid genres, combinations of text and visual media or audio recordings, stories that are generated by or linked to events to be staged by the author, etc. (Unfortunately, we’re not able to consider proposals for works to be written in a language other than English or for translations.)

Triple Canopy’s twenty-sixth issue will assess how digital technologies, which once promised to connect and democratize the world, have instead provided the means to foster division, sow confusion, privatize communication, and enhance control. The issue will consider how the migration of so many cultural and political activities to proprietary online platforms, and the sudden dominance of novel forms of reading, viewing, and socializing, is contributing to the corrosion of democracies. At the same time, the issue will reflect on the bonds that we might form as a result of—and in response to—the circulation and consumption of selves as data (and vice versa).

While the issue will include artworks, essays, and public programs, in this call we invite authors of fiction and poetry to consider the following questions: How might we convey the tension between our favored forms of communication and the thoughts, experiences, and relationships that cannot so easily be captured and quantified? How might we represent ourselves if to do so makes us all the more legible to systems of surveillance and oppression? How might something like public opinion be expressed in the face of data-crunching operations that probe behavior, decipher biology, and manipulate impulses? How might we recognize ourselves in relation to the sentient software that we expect to serve, entertain, record, and know us?

To apply:

Triple Canopy is looking for writers with coherent proposals for projects that can be realized in one year or less. While we are open to ideas that can be evaluated in relation to completed works, we will prioritize proposals that are accompanied by samples of the writing in progress. We are, as ever, in search of work that makes innovative, persuasive use of its own form and medium. While past publication or experience is not a prerequisite, successful applicants will demonstrate fluency in the genres in which they are writing. We appreciate work that takes into account current discussions and debates but is not bound by them, work that is carefully crafted but not fixated on form. While there is no limit on the length of proposed projects, keep in mind that we rarely publish works that contain more than eight thousand words.

Commission recipients receive:

  • Eight to twelve months of artistic, editorial, and technical support
  • An honorarium of $2,000
  • The possibility of using Triple Canopy’s Manhattan office and venue for an event devoted or related to the work
  • The possibility of publishing a version of—or conversation about—the work on Triple Canopy’s forthcoming podcast
  • Archiving of materials and long-term maintenance of the project by Triple Canopy in partnership with New York University’s Fales Library and Special Collections