Benefit Edition: Matt Mullican’s “From Me (in Space)”

We're pleased to announce Matt Mullican's From Me (in Space), a print edition published by Christine Burgin and Triple Canopy, now available for $450. (Click here to view images, read more, and purchase; all proceeds benefit Triple Canopy's artistic and literary programs.) From Me (in Space) is the companion to Mullican's contribution to issue 10, "Planetarium," a navigable scale model of the solar system. The print, a diptych, is a schematic diagram of Mullican's relationship to space, positioning him both within and outside the solar system. The left panel of the diptych shows the planets, horizontally aligned and rendered as colored pixels in a black field, in the bright, solid palette characteristic of the artist's sculpture and cartographic work. On the right, Mullican charts his distance from those planets. Near the bottom of this panel, Mullican has provided a time stamp, halting the movements of the celestial bodies at the moment of his completion of the work.