Conclusion of Issue 15

The fifteenth issue of Triple Canopy, Negative Infinity, has reached its conclusion. It includes a conversation with Lisi Raskin in Tito’s bunker, Nicholas Muellner’s photographic search for an old friend in the Soviet Far East, unofficially collaborative poems and video by Cathy Park Hong and Adam Schecter, David Auerbach’s definitive study of the infamous online message board 4chan, and Gabriella Coleman’s incisive, deeply researched essay on the culture of Anonymous.

Triple Canopy’s next issue, to be published in March, focuses on neuroscience and its discontents. Through essays, interviews, and artist projects, the issue will scrutinize how the knowledge produced by contemporary brain sciences is being used and experienced as it enters into—and becomes a dominant way of explaining—the world at large. Contributors include Lera Boroditsky with Alexandra Kleeman, Joseph Dumit, Jan Estep, Villem Flusser (translated by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes), Isabelle Moffat, Jena Osman, Laurie Santos with Benjamin Hale, Alexandre Singh with Leah Kelly, and Benjamin Tiven.