Conclusion of Issue 16

The sixteenth issue of Triple Canopy, They Were Us, has reached its conclusion. It includes a wide range of writing and artist projects, including Erica Baum's piano-player poetry, David Levine and Alix Rule's essay on the tyranny of the art-world press release, Joshua Cohen's novella "McDonald's," an excerpt of Ariana Reines' new translation of Tiqqun's account of how we all become Young-Girlified, and Per-Oskar Leu's reworking of the trials of Bertolt Brecht.

Triple Canopy’s next issue, to be published in early fall, will feature artist projects, literary works, and essays by Caroline Bergvall, Jan Estep Goldin+Senneby, Gareth Long, Isabelle Moffat, Kate Shepherd, and Amy Sillman.