We’re pleased to announce Cultural Studies*, a benefit for Triple Canopy featuring two special performances. Violinist Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire) will play a solo set of original compositions. Musician Damon McMahon (Amen Dunes) and visual artist Tom Thayer will debut a new collaborative performance: a scripted abstraction, a narrated projection, a chance meeting at a banquet hall of harmonic characters and color forms. They will be joined by collaborators John Jines and Xander Duell.

Tickets begin at $120 and include a seated dinner and drinks.

Benefit Committee
Are.na, Artforum, Martina Batan, Robert Bielecki, Eileen Cohen, Lisa Cooley, Donald Ellis, Sharon Gallagher, Gabrielle Giattino, Wendy Goldberg, John Johnson, Wynn Kramarsky, Brett Littman, Fraser Mooney, Jonah Peretti, Selig D. Sacks, Lisa Schiff, Howie Seligman, Jeffrey Weiss

47 Canal, Philip Aarons & Shelley Fox Aarons, John Auerbach & Andrew Black, May Castleberry, Cathleen Chaffee, Kim Conaty, Derek Eller, Sean Elwood & Yvonne Puffer, Jesse Finkelstein, Michelle Finocchi, Richard Flood, James Fuentes, Alex Gartenfeld, Laurel Gitlen, Greene Naftali Gallery, Michael Hainey, Joy Harris, Nic Harteau, Julia Joern, Miriam Katzeff, Christian K. Keesee, David Kiehl, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Kris Latocha, Katy Lederer, Gideon Lewis-Kraus & Carol Cohen, Barbara London, Andrea Lounibos, Martos Gallery, Sarah McNally, Gregory R. Miller, Barbara & Howard Morse, Kristian Nammack, Cory Nomura, Lindsay Pollock & Andrew Zarnett, Charles Renfro, Elana Rubinfeld, Nicole Russo, Mary Sabbatino, Peter Sacks, Amy Sillman, Simone Subal, Jasmin Tsou, Rachel Uffner & Dan Nadel, Gretchen Wagner, Kate Werble, Dara Wier

Tickets are now sold-out. For more information, write to peter@canopycanopycanopy.com.
Table purchase (10 tickets) $1,200.00
Pair of tickets (2 tickets) $225.00
Individual ticket (1 ticket) $120.00

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Unable to attend? Consider a tax-deductible contribution.

  • Sarah Neufeld is a multi-instrumentalist musician and a member of the bands Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre, and The Luyas. She lives in Brooklyn and Montreal.
  • Damon McMahon is a musician based in Brooklyn. He performs under the name Amen Dunes, which in 2011 released Through Donkey Jaw (Sacred Bones Records).
  • Tom Thayer is a visual artist based in New Jersey. His work was recently included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial. He is represented by Derek Eller Gallery in New York, where his exhibition “Crossing the Methane River” was on view this past spring.