Designers in Residence: Anthon Astrom & Lukas Zimmer

Triple Canopy is pleased to announce its first design residency, granted to the Zurich-based duo of Anthon Astrom and Lukas Zimmer. Astrom and Zimmer began working together in 2007, when they initiated the Café Society Project, which investigates frameworks for reading, writing, and organizing information on-screen and in print. In 2011, they founded Astrom/Zimmer studio, which works in research, design, and software development. In the past five years, Astrom and Zimmer have won the Swiss Federal Design Award twice, among other accolades.

Astrom and Zimmer will spend the month of February in Brooklyn, working with Triple Canopy on the development of a new publishing platform to launch in September. On February 25th, at 155 Freeman Street in Greenpoint, Astrom and Zimmer will present their work and discuss issues pertaining to the shift from print to digital publishing with Triple Canopy editors. Between now and then, they will occasionally post thoughts on their research and work on this site.