Triple Canopy presents Double Features, an evening of audiovisual exchange organized by sound artist and composer C. Spencer Yeh. Improvisor and composer Aaron Moore (Invisible Sports), duo Ceci Moss & C. Lavender, and a German-American quartet composed of double bassist and guitarist Werner Dafeldecker, bass clarinetist Gene Coleman, trumpeter Nate Wooley, and percussionist Ben Hall represent an array of sonic-experimentation strategies, for the second program in this series. They will perform new works guided by (and in opposition to) the films of Italian filmmaker Francesco Paladino, Los Angeles–based video artist Joe Merrell, Llucia Sanchez, and Australian-based media artist Lawrence English.

  • C. Spencer Yeh is an artist, improviser, composer. He is widely recognized for his interdisciplinary activities and collaborations as well his musical project Burning Star Core. His video works are distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix. Yeh is a Triple Canopy senior editor and media producer editor, a contributing editor of BOMB, and a programmer and trailer editor at Spectacle Theater, a microcinema in Brooklyn. Yeh's work has recently been exhibited and presented at Empty Gallery (Hong Kong), the Whitney Museum (New York City), the Museum of Modern Art (New York City), MoMA PS1 (New York City), the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the Rubin Museum (New York City), MOCA Cleveland, the 2014 Liverpool Biennial, the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, Atelier Nord/Ultima Festival (Oslo), D-CAF (Cairo), the Renaissance Society (Chicago), and the Museum of Chinese in America (New York City), as part of "The Moon Represents My Heart: Music, Memory, and Belonging." Yeh was a recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award in 2019 and an artist-in-residence at ISSUE Project Room (New York City) in 2015. Recent recordings include Solo Voice I–X and The RCA Mark II, both published by Primary Information.
  • Invisible Sports is a new project by improvisor and composer Aaron Moore. Drums, vocals, trumpet, and tapes are the basis of Moore’s instrumentation, though anything that makes a sound that can be manipulated, rhythmically or melodically, is of equal importance to him. Moore is a founding member of the British band Volcano the Bear, now in their fifteenth year together. Moore’s current musical projects include the New York–based Amolvacy (with Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band), a duo with Alan Courtis, and the Paris-based Textile Orchestra. Moore has played on more than twenty-five albums, performed across Europe and the United States, and collaborated with Jeremy Barnes, Tom Recchion, the Boredoms, Thierry Muller, Steve Mackay, Paul Dunmall, Michael Snow, and Mats Gustaffson, among others. Moore was born in Market Harborough, England, and now resides in Brooklyn.
  • Ceci Moss is a writer, musician, DJ, and curator. She plays bass in the band Cellular Chaos and records solo material as Mi Or and the Pedestals. She writes and edits the contemporary art and music blog A Million Keys and is senior editor for Rhizome. Moss also programs Radio Heart, a weekly show airing on East Village Radio. She is currently pursuing a PhD in comparative literature at New York University.
  • C. Lavender is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in New Jersey. Previously working primarily with plunderphonics, she now focuses on sound and performance as a whole. Her performances vary in instrumentation, length and intensity in accordance with the way in which intuition and mood reflect the atmosphere a given space. Lavender has performed at the Voice of the Valley festival in West Virginia, the International Noise Conference in Miami, and the NY Eye & Ear Fest.
  • Werner Dafeldecker (born 1964, Vienna, Austria); lives and works in Berlin) draws on myriad influences—among them, European modern music, improvisation, graphic notation, Fluxus, minimalist and electroacoustic music, jazz, and field recordings—to investigate architecture, physics, photography, and film as audible experiences. The study of sound and structure are the center of his work as a composer, particularly as they relate to the technological development of electronic recording formats.
  • Gene Coleman
  • Nate Wooley
  • Ben Hall