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Dear readers,

Triple Canopy can be hard to define. We've spent a lot of keystrokes trying to do so in the past few years—for ourselves, for readers, and, of course, for potential funders. When we became a nonprofit back in 2009, we figured that a lot of people would be excited to support an experimental arts publication working mostly with emerging artists and writers. What mission could be more relevant than critically examining—and productively employing—the dominant medium of our age (i.e. the Internet) for good rather than for geosocial shopping or data harvesting?

Certainly, a number of generous, understanding, intelligent, sensitive, and handsome grantmakers and individuals have helped us cut our losses. But we realized pretty quickly that a magazine that publishes poetry and interactive artwork, exists online but also publishes books and editions, acts as an alternative space hosting performances in Brooklyn and a collective organizing workshops in Sarajevo, and has appropriated the name of a military contractor may pose some conceptual challenges for traditional funders.

Which is to say: Triple Canopy stands apart from organizations that set out to pasture in a funding landscape (however diminished as of late) shaped by the fragmentation of audiences for performance, visual art, literature, and so on. That's not for us, and it's not for you. And so in order to ensure that we can continue to put compelling ideas ahead of all else, we’ve committed to making the support of readers cover the costs of producing all four issues of Triple Canopy’s online magazine in the coming year. In order for that to happen, we need your help.

We’re not asking for charity. Rather, we're requesting that you recognize the value of Triple Canopy's work in various genres yet to be acknowledged (or at least fully embraced) by most grantmakers and give accordingly. For one week only, become a member at the $3 per month level and we’ll send you a copy of our new paperback, The Binder and the Server, which stakes out our position on the ideology of Internet culture. For $5 per month you'll also receive a copy of Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, Volume 1 and free entry to our events at 155 Freeman in Greenpoint; for $10 per month we’ll throw in the JF & SON Grid Tote, a sturdy, sleek canvas bag with a full-length side pocket, designed after Invalid Format.

Become a member of Triple Canopy today and help us keep things interesting.

The Editors

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