Triple Canopy in residence at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

We’re pleased to announce Triple Canopy’s 2018–19 Public Engagement residency at the Hammer Museum. The residency will be devoted to Omniaudience, a series of listening sessions, conversations, performances, and publications. Omniaudience considers the role of listening and the settings in which speech and sound can be heard and have a meaningful effect. How has our ability to listen changed with the development of new technologies for synthesizing, transmitting, capturing, and quantifying expressions? Instead of valorizing the assertion of individuality through speech (which now is so likely to be mediated, mined, and commodified), Triple Canopy asks how to listen in a way that makes us more receptive to one another, and ensures that a plurality of voices can be heard.

Omniaudience refers to the faculty of hearing and comprehending everything, but might also name a congregation of listeners who possess, or strive to attain, this faculty. Omniaudience is organized with the Los Angeles-based artist Nikita Gale; the first installment of the residency is a series of invitational listening sessions and discussions at the Hammer and elsewhere in mid-December, with contributions by Geeta Dayal, Gary Dauphin, Nina Sun Eidsheim, Daniela Gesundheit and Sarah Kessler, David Horvitz, Jasmine Nyende, and Karen Tongson. (Horvitz’s contribution, a performance on December 15 at Château Shatto, is open to all; subsequent installments of Omniaudience, in 2019, will involve public programs and be announced in advance.)

Triple Canopy’s focus on listening—or hearing with intent—is tied to a longstanding concern with the modes of distracted viewing and reading that proliferate online, and that characterize the attention economy. The magazine’s residency at the Hammer Museum is part of Two Ears and One Mouth, a forthcoming issue on the relationship between speaking and listening, the role of emerging technologies in fostering, reconfiguring, and eroding associations between people. For more information about Triple Canopy’s residency and upcoming activities in Los Angeles, sign up for our mailing list or send us an email.