Triple Canopy turns ten! Party on & #FundTheFuture

Triple Canopy turned ten this year—an achievement to be celebrated at our anniversary party, Version History, on June 23 at Murmrr. In the next ten days, as we consider what to build now and in the future, we’ll revisit moments from the past decade of medium-defying ideas, enriching and disorienting essays and artworks, prescient conversations and speculations (as well as the interfaces that make or break them). We’ll invite you to join us in asking what an arts magazine can and should be in these times.

Looking to the future, we’ll also ask you to become a member for as little as $3, $5, or $10 per month. Members are essential to sustaining Triple Canopy as a platform for artists, writers, technologists, and designers—and for paying them fairly (which also is to say more and more each year). With your support, we’ve collaborated with more than nine hundred contributors at all stages of their careers: fresh-faced thinkers who have gone on to become award-laden luminaries as well as wizened experimentalists who are trending now more than ever. We joke … and yet we take our task quite seriously (and enjoy it immensely); we are devoted to developing the work of writers and artists, poring over drafts and debating the meaning of paragraphs or images, and convincing readers and viewers to pay attention.

We hope to continue to do so in the coming year, in the coming decade. We’re excited to be preparing three upcoming issues of the magazine and new publishing technologies, which we’ll say more about in subsequent transmissions. For now, we thank you for supporting work that demands considered reading and viewing, skirts the news cycle, counters the content mills. If you’re not already a member, become one in the next ten days and get free entry to our tenth-anniversary party, either of two pins designed for the occasion by Mary Ping, plus books and other analog commodities (as well as admission to all our events throughout the year).

Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter via #TripleCanopyTurnsTen and #FundTheFuture as we unearth highlights, artifacts, and outmoded behaviors from the past decade.

The editors