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On March 7, as part of Triple Canopy's Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material series of programs at the Museum of Modern Art, writer Ariana Reines facilitated a discussion of Gustave Flaubert's novella Un coeur simple and Sherrie Levine's 1990 artist book Gustave Flaubert: "Un coeur simple." Reines and the assembled participants talked about Levine's "feminist camp," Flaubert's miserable perfection of style, the relationship between gender and bronze parrots, and the possibility of making work that is at once hard and soft. This podcast is a recording of that event, which included Reines reading her essay "UN<3SIMPLE," written for the occasion.

Click here to download the PDF of Volume Number 2: Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Material, the publication produced by Triple Canopy as part of the programs at MoMA.