Upcoming events at 177 Livingston, the downtown Brooklyn office space and venue Triple Canopy operates in partnership with Light Industry and The Public School New York:

Saturday, 5/8, 6 p.m.: Molly Springfield: The Mundaneum and Beyond. $3. Springfield, an artist and Triple Canopy contributor, discusses Paul Otlet's Mundaneum and her own work: text-based drawings and installations that reveal visionary moments in the history of how we experience, organize, and reproduce information.

Saturday, 5/22, 6 p.m.: Robert Walser: The Microscripts, with Susan Bernofsky and Rivka Galchen. $3 donation. Walser biographer and translator Susan Bernofsky teams up with writer Rivka Galchen (Atmospheric Disturbances) to introduce stories from and about Walser’s enigmatic microscripts, late texts written on scraps of paper in a millimeter-scale hand, which will be published on May 25 by New Directions and Christine Burgin Gallery. Stories, a trivia quiz with prizes, larger-than-life secret manuscript pictures, and a German penmanship lesson. Advance copies of the book will be available.

A full calendar is available here.