What E-commerce Means to Us

Dear readers,

While online retailers coax a cool billion-plus from your aunts and uncles for remastered DVDs and e-readers of every dimension, consider pushing your digital-shopping cart to our website, which is veritably slathered with e-tinsel. We humbly invite you to commemorate the birth of the commercial enterprise of Triple Canopy: an online magazine backed up on bound paper; a publisher less concerned with harvesting demographic data than with facilitating critical thinking and building a community; a restless institution whose timely fundraising campaigns are always late. So rather than stocking up on durable and disposable goods this week, we hope you'll buy yourself—or a loved one—the satisfaction of sustaining Triple Canopy for one more year.

We’re not asking for charity. Rather, we're requesting that you take a moment to appreciate the value—and thus real, monetary costs—of our work. As an extra special incentive for the hallowed week of Cyber Monday, pledge just $3 per month by December 5 and we'll send you a new, handsomely discursive tote—we're calling it A Compact History of Digital Utopianism, from Bucky to Steve—that wryly comments on the rise of the Californian Ideology (and/or the phenomenon of Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe streaming directly to your smart phone). Needless to say, this deal won't last.

If you're able to contribute $5 per month, we'll send you Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, Volume 2, the newest installment of our ongoing Web-to-print experiment, featuring work by Leslie Thornton, Ed Halter, Hassan Khan, José León Cerrillo, Dan Torop, Lucy Raven, Nathan Schneider, Teddy Cruz, Joshua Cohen, Karthik Pandian, and Sophia Al-Maria, among others. Designed by Project Projects and co-published by Sternberg Press, Invalid Format gathers artist projects and literary work published in the second year of the Triple Canopy's existence, documentation of public programs, and a sampling of foundational correspondence. Become a member of Triple Canopy at the $10 level and you'll receive the tote and the book—an enviable collection of liquid insights.

Thanks so much for contributing to Triple Canopy as we work to become a reader-supported enterprise—especially important at a time when the funding landscape for arts organizations is shaped by the fragmentation of audiences; magazines are unable (or unwilling) to properly compensate writers for their labor; and artists are asked by exhibition venues to subsist on cultural capital and a vague hope that their work will someday generate a decent income. We appreciate your support as we strive to establish a better model.

With relentless cheer,
The Editors

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