Since Triple Canopy was launched in 2008, we have published and presented the work of more than 850 artists and writers online, at public programs, and in print projects. Our certification from Working Artists and the Greater Economy (WAGE) is a sign of Triple Canopy’s commitment to fairly compensating contributors while ensuring that each issue of the online magazine is available in its entirety for free. Consider enrolling as a first-time member, upgrading your existing membership, or making a modest donation to support our work and receive some tokens of our appreciation.

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Today public life has largely migrated online. Our encounters with art and literature often begin on the Web, where new work is promoted, circulated, and often legitimized. Despite the significance of the technological and cultural upheavals we’re experiencing, few organizations have determined to address the conditions of life—and the experience of culture—in the digital age with a refined historical perspective. Whether $5 or $500, your gift will have a considerable impact on the artists and writers served by Triple Canopy.

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Carol Salmanson
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Thor Shannon
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Arden Wohl
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Cory Arcangel
Kevin Beasley
Sadie Benning
José León Cerrillo
Paul Chan
Dexter Sinister
Eve Fowler
Robert Gober
Rachel Harrison
Sharon Hayes
Barbara Kruger
Louise Lawler
Glenn Ligon
Matt Mullican
Virginia Overton
R. H. Quaytman
Cindy Sherman
Danh Vō
B. Wurtz


Andrea Rosen Gallery
Shelley Fox Aarons
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Peggy Jacobs Bader
Cheyann Benedict
Fiona Biberstein
Robert D. Bielecki
Darwin Brown
Gavin Brown
Isabel Byron
Cynthia Cannell
May Castleberry
Taeyoon Choi
Liz Christensen
Kari Conte
Lisa Cooley
Carol Dorsky
Elizabeth W. Easton
Mary Ehni
   & Stephen Frailey
Barbara Epler
Heather Evans
Bruce Ferguson
Fraenkel Gallery
James Fuentes
Wendy Goldberg
Liz Fensterstock
Ruth Fine
Carter Frank
Leslie Fritz
Sharon Helgason Gallagher
Alex Gartenfeld
   & Matt Keegan
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Alvin Hall
Rebecca Halpern
Ann Hatch
Tom Healy
Matthew Higgs
Andrea Hill
Jim Hodges
Miggi Hood
Colta Ives
Lisa Ivorian-Jones
Marjory Jacobson
Vladimir & Betsy Jelisavcic
Jasper Johns
Isaac Joseph
David W. Kiehl
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery
Mo Koyfman
Wynn Kramarsky
Rhiannon Kubicka
   & Theodore Blackston
Stephanie Kurzweil
   & Jordan Kurzweil
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Charles LeDray
Jeffrey Lee
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Dorothy Lichtenstein
Lisson Gallery
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Celeste & Anthony Meier
Metro Pictures
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Sam Miller
Matthew Moravec
Henry Moynahan Rich
Lisa Naftolin
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Brooke Garber Neidich
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Davida Nemeroff
Barbara Newman
Oliver L. Ong
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Ben Regenspan
Charles Renfro
Trish Riedel
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Arthur Smith
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John Wheeler-Rappe
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Christine Zehner
Laurie Ziegler


Salem Al Qassimi
Mario Gino Alberico
Greg Allen
Carina Alm
David Auerbach
Julie Ault
Martina Batan
Andrew Black
Alice Boone
Denise Bratton
Donna Brookman
Rosetta Brooks
Matt Brumberg
Ryan Brumberg
Shelley Burgon
Isabel Byron
Taeyoon Choi
Koenig & Clinton
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Anne Cohalan
George Colettis
Stuart Comer
Kari Conte
Michael Crumsho
Moyra Davey
Katie Dixon
Keller Easterling
Nicholas Farr
Rochelle Feinstein
Richard S Flood
Nicholas Frank
Anthropos Games
Dewitt Godfrey
D. Graham
Tim Griffin
Jane Hait
Jean Phillipe Halgand
Emily Hall
Ishmael Hallin
Ann Hamilton
Ann Hamilton
Geir Haraldseth
D W Harper
Eva Heisler
Jayne Johnson
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Helene Harton & Roy Kasindorf
John Mcdevitt King
Sowon Kwon
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Michael Lindgren
Audio Visual Arts Llc
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Edward K Macomb
Diane Maruzzella
Richard Massey
Lyndal Mcilwaine
David Mitchell
Magdalena Moskalewicz
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Jill Provan
Rebecca Quaytman
Leigh Rogers
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Katherine Sutton
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Bruno Torres
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Gary Wasserman
Cathy Whitaker
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Karen Adelman
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Goedele Bartholomeeusen
Erica Baum
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Caitlin Berrigan
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Ella Brians
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Gayle Engel
Francesca Esmay
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Corrine Fitzpatrick
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Sara Fowler
Claire Fox
Melynda Fuller
Andrea Geyer
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Casey Gollan
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Christine Guadalupe
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Antonia Hirsch
Maiza Hixson
Maxwell Hoaglund
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Amelia Hooning
Caitlin Horsmon
Isabel Howe
Jamillah James
Michi Jigarjian
Caitlin Jones
Jennifer Joy
Sarah Kabanda
Nina Kantcheva
Nabil Kashyap
Vanessa Kauffman
Juliette Kennedy
Paul Kennedy
Sahar Khraibani
David Kim
Johannah King Slutzky
Paul Krause
Melanie Kress
Alexis Kunsak
Miwon Kwon
Jed Lackritz
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Catherine Lord
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Cole Lu
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Mademoiselle Manifique
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