Two filmmakers seek props and direction in the aisles of a department store, the words of physicists overseeing the Large Hadron Collider echoing in their heads. This is the first episode of On the Beach, a series of videos that considers the relationship between the technologies pushing us toward collapse and the apocalyptic scenarios we incessantly invent. In subsequent episodes, the filmmakers obtain footage of SubTropolis, a cataclysm-proof storage space dug into a Kansas limestone deposit; encounter the Crypt of Civilization, a time capsule of cultural artifacts opening in 8113 AD; and hone their messaging skills with New York pigeoneers.

Made to Be Found

by Frank Heath

Digital Project Published on May 26, 2015

Peter and Dwight stalk a department store as they struggle to gather materials and muster enthusiasm for a video shoot inspired by the wisdom of CERN physicists.

Starring Jesse Wakeman. Written by Frank Heath and Rob Slifkin. Special thanks to Saim Hyder and Christian Ohm/CERN.

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